Welcome to Early Music Minds!

Early Childhood Music & Movement Classes for Children
3 months to 5 Years Old

 At Early Music Minds, we are using Simply Music Rhapsody teaching method – a music and movement program designed for children aged from 3 months to 5 years. Our focus is to provide all the opportunities for children to explore sounds through singing, moving, listening, and playing instruments as well as verbalization and visualization of musical ideas. The high quality curriculum includes traditional children’s songs, folk songs, classical music, and music from a variety of cultures, styles, and time periods. 

The program is based on the innovative and successful Orff Schulwerk approach to music education. With this active approach as the foundation, we use singing, instruments, movement, and improvisation to make music come alive.

What makes Early Music Minds different from all other music classes in Silicon Valley?

The curriculum is a high quality structured program that enables every child to achieve and develop their highest potential in musicality. Our classes are focused on seasonal themes throughout the year which makes it so much more fun for children while learning!